Injured Hand

Today I thought that I had fractured my left pinky finger/hand. I was riding a horse and we were just walking when he did a tiny little spook to the side. Nothing big, no problem at all except that I jammed my hand into his bony withers. I felt something pop or snap and it hurt like heck! I took off my glove and the area right behind my knuckle was already swollen so that it looked like I had another knuckle! I started to feel a bit light headed and woosy so I got off the horse and we put him away. Unfortunately I had just started riding and we hadn't even trotted yet. But I really thought that it was fractured and I needed to get some ice on it quick. I went and got an x-ray and luckily nothing is broken, just bad soft tissue damage. I was pretty surprised, happily surprised! It is amazing how you can get injured by little things like that. Hopefully it will heal quickly so I can keep my fist closed around the reins!