Off to Mississippi!!

Tomorrow morning we (Marsha and I) are taking our horses up to Mississippi for a training weekend. We are joining Cohn & Brandee Livingston at their facility, Doc Livingston Farm & Stable. Marsha is bringing Cobra, her mustang gelding and I am taking Douwe to work on some trick training. Cohn has a lot of experience training tricks such as bowing, laying down, and pedestal work. He has competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition and that is where he met Marsha. There is also a live auction on RFD Tv on Saturday for the next makeover competition. Marsha and Brandee will be bidding on horses that they have previously viewed online. Check out their website: I am hoping to get some tips on training Douwe to bow and lay down. His spanish walk is coming along, he lifts his front legs nicely from my leg/whip cues but has not figured out how to walk forward while he is doing it. I helped Marsha teach Cobra the spanish walk and he got it right away. After one week he is already covering ground and he puts a lot of effort into it! Cobra is also progressing very well with his flying changes and we have been introducing the tempi changes along the rail. Cobra is very well balanced and reactive to your aids so he learns new movements fairly quickly. Marsha has done an excellent job with him, he is not an easy horse but they have formed a wonderful partnership.