Work on the Pedestal ~ Day 2

On the second day in Mississippi we got a lot done! Cohn did a lot of pedestal work with Douwe in the morning out in the large outdoor arena. He put the pedestal in the corner and worked on getting him up on it while the other girls were working their horses. He let me ride a few horses trying some reining moves like the spin. That was fun but I was a little distracted watching him work with my horse. Douwe was being pretty stubborn so after awhile I helped on the ground. He worked the front of him, keeping him straight and not coming over the front of the pedestal while I worked the whip in the back. After awhile we got Douwe up on the pedestal and figured out that he always steps up with the right hind first and then finishes with the left. So I asked him to step up by tapping the right hind first, once he put that one up I would tap him on the left hip. He reacted better when we tapped higher up rather than lower on the leg. Later on in the day I rode him with the wings to show the younger girls our routine. Douwe was very good, he had already worked really hard that day and the day before so he listened really well. At the end of our routine Cohn told me to ride up on the pedestal. By using my wings to tap his right hind first and then the  left hip I was able to get him up all the way. Cohn had me get off the pedestal, canter a large circle and then get right back on the pedestal so Douwe started to anticipate it as his resting spot. It was a very productive session!