IDA Nationals

This past weekend I was at the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) Nationals hosted by the University of Florida. The show was at the Canterbury Showplace where I took Douwe for the Friesian show in March. Marsha is the coach for the Florida State University dressage team and she donated 6 horses to the competition. In an IDA show each rider has a random draw of the horses, has 10 minutes to warm up and then executes a dressage test. There were four levels, Intro, Lower Training, Upper Training, and First Level. I helped Marsha with the horses on Thursday and Friday before the competition and then set up my SandraB. Designs booth for Saturday and Sunday. When we arrived on Thursday it was pouring rain with a lot of thunder and lightning. We had to school the horses in the coliseum arena during the storm and Double (the horse I was riding) was very scared when it poured because the rain was very loud on the roof. Luckily the weather cleared for Saturday and the horses did really well. I donated a "Begin the Dance" tee shirt to the High Point Winner of Team day. This award went to Tierney Hassell on the Johnson & Wales dressage team. Congratulations! Here is a cute picture of Tierney and her team when she was announced as the winner.