Baroque Horse Regional Championships

This weekend I took Douwe back to the Canterbury Showplace in Newberry, Florida for the Baroque Horse Regional Championships. This show included Friesians, Andalusians, and Lusitanos. My goal for the weekend was to give Douwe more experience performing our "Wings of Isis" routine. I worked Douwe in the coliseum arena on Friday evening and early Saturday morning. He was quite hyper when I started working him and I wasn't quite comfortable with how he was going on Friday as far as riding with the wings. After I worked him on Saturday morning he really chilled out and finally got tired enough to want to listen and do his transitions easily. When we did the performance we had some really nice moments and I was happy with Douwe's behavior. Every time I do the routine it is different, I just go with the flow and just aim to get the right transitions to the music. On Sunday we did the Friesian Dressage Hack class and the Friesian Costume Class. Douwe felt really good in the hack class, really well balanced, on my aids and through the back. We just missed our trot lengthenings, he broke to the canter a few times but came right back to the trot. Everything else felt great, the extended canter, the rein-back and all the other walk and trotwork. We ended up getting Regional Reserve Champion in that class. Later in the day we did the costume class with our Moulin Rouge theme. I added a new breastplate with sequin fabric and a feather boa and I also had a new browband that accented the costume beautifully. I painted some designs onto Douwe with fabric paint and glitter and wove a red satin ribbon into his french braid. We were Regional Champions in that class and won $100 in prize money! Show management also gave us a beautiful glass statue of a Pegasus horse to thank us for doing the exhibition ride. It was a fun weekend and I want to thank Marsha for taking the time to trailer my horse to the show for me and also to Connie for helping me at the show!