New Location in Connecticut

I arrived in Ashford, CT on Monday the 23rd. I spent the day getting settled into my new apartment and meeting the beautiful horses. Anne Margaret and Karl (owners) have a few Friesian geldings, a Friesian stallion and a warmblood gelding. The barn is beautiful with very large stalls and an open, airy feel. It is such a wonderful sight to walk down the aisle and see all the Friesian's beautiful faces greeting you. Douwe arrived Tuesday evening in awesome shape. The shipper (East Coast Equine Transport) said he drank more than any horse he has shipped and ate a lot of hay. He was bright-eyed and relaxed coming off the trailer. It helped that the trip wasn't quite as long (as compared to Maine), he was on an electrolyte supplement before the trip, and he was in better physical condition from all the training I have been doing with him in Florida. He trotted in-hand with no signs of stiffness and went right in his new stall and drank a full bucket of water. I am SOOO happy that he has arrived in great shape and it is such a relief to know that he traveled so well. I highly recommend using East Coast Equine Transport, here is their website: