Behind the Scenes on Falcyyr: Working in the Rain!

As the winter weather approaches it is becoming more difficult to finish the scenes for the film. Ahura Diliiza, the director, needed a scene with my character Artemis and his character Thor. Both of our characters are training the Valkyrie in the film. It was a short scene that we did last Saturday but hard to do because of the weather. It was very cold and rainy. My costume is not exactly meant for cold weather either!!! After an entire day of preparation (makeup/hair starting at 10:30 in the morning) we only fit in about a half hour of filming before it was too dark and rainy outside. Such is the nature of filming!! Here are a few photos taken by Sinari Diliiza.

Keeping warm while they set up the camera for our scene. You can't see the rain but that is why they needed the umbrella. Photo credit: Unicovia Pictures

Thor yelling at the sky!!! Go away Rain!! It was pretty miserable outside. Photo credit: Unicovia Pictures

Progress through the scene, there is one part where I scold Thor and then make my Artemis crazy eyes. :) Photo credit: Unicovia Pictures