Training Valentine

So far the training with Valentine has been steady work on the lunge line, some long-lining and a few rides under saddle. He had a few rough days with the locking stifle problems and then smoothed out again. The neck stretchers are really helping him get a lovely reach through his topline and work the correct back muscles. He really enjoys his work and concentrates pretty well even if there are other distractions. I have not ridden him yet myself, Anne Margaret has been on him twice while I lunge her from the ground. There is no perimeter fence around the outside of the arena so he needs to stay on the lunge line for awhile until he is relaxed and consistent with his transitions. Anne Margaret is more petite than I am so it is a better decision to have her in the saddle while I can manage him on the ground. I have been lunging him consistently and know how to read his body language so that makes for the ideal situation when training a young horse. When both the rider and the handler are experienced there can be clear understanding and a positive experience for the horse. Here are some photos of his training sessions.