Josh Learns Piaffe

Here is a short video clip of me working with Josh, a Friesian gelding in Connecticut. Josh is owned and trained by Anne Margaret Meyers. She shows him successfully at First Level in USDF Recognized Shows. I started teaching him the piaffe in-hand to help him engage his hind legs for his collected work under saddle. This will help him to carry better in the counter canter and engage better for his medium trots. Josh is very smart and he needs to think it is a game rather than work to keep his mind focused. By using positive reinforcement and treats he is catching on quickly. As you can see I am very clear with my voice (clucking) and the whip. This exercise takes a lot of co-ordination to get your rhythm right, not too fast or too slow. You want your cluck and the tap of the whip to match, otherwise the horse will be confused. Always make sure to do short sessions and not to ask the horse for too much collection right away. Josh is doing very well for his second session, normally the horse will just be giving a few steps of trot or they need to work on a lot of rein-back to learn to sit on the hind end. I will post another video as he progresses. I think that Josh will have a very nice piaffe in the future.httpv://