Virtual Dressage Lessons

I have added a new online service for my clients....virtual dressage lessons! Digital home videos are simple to make and upload to video sites like YouTube, allowing me to connect with dressage riders all over the world. Riders are able to pay online through my store, insert their video link and I will email them a detailed evaluation within a week. Videos can be up to 60 minutes long, preferably showing the full ride (warm-up to cool down) from a variety of angles (side, front and back). I will critique rider position and effectiveness, the horse's balance and ability appropriate to his level, and how the training is being helpful or could be causing problems. I will suggest helpful training exercises for both the horse and rider, along with tips from a judge's perspective. I am very excited to offer this service since many riders are without proper instruction and tend to get stuck in their training. It is also helpful when riders are unable to travel to clinics due to low finances, the weather, or poor availability. Click here for more information on the Virtual Lesson. Please email me with any questions: I also started a Virtual Lesson Giveaway so riders can enter their email for a chance to win a FREE Virtual Lesson. I will randomly draw a rider's name at the beginning of the month. The first drawing will be July 1st. Click here to enter: