Josh ~ Piaffe Under Saddle

Josh is a very smart horse. After working the piaffe in-hand for two days we were able to get some steps under saddle. Normally I would be on the ground and ask the horse for piaffe with a rider just sitting in the saddle. Then we would slowly transition into the rider asking for piaffe with me on the ground, being passive. And finally the rider would ask for the piaffe on their own. With Josh he quickly understood what the aids were from the ground and was able to immediately translate that to the rider's aids. I also use treats when I am training and Josh is very food motivated. He has an excellent brain for tricks and he loves to play with his jolly ball out in the pasture, tossing it into my horse's pasture next door. Here is a video clip of him learning the piaffe under saddle. You can see how he will really develop into a high-quality piaffe in the future.httpv://