Stung in the Face!

I was giving grain to Tantre the other day out in his pasture when I got stung in the face! We found a little nest in the end of the pipe (fence is made of metal round pen panels) and I must have jostled it when I leaned in to give the grain. At first I thought it was a bee but there were no stingers so it must have been a wasp or a hornet. I had two stings, one on the upper part of my nose by my right eye and another further down on the nose. We had some ice nearby so I was able to get the swelling down fairly well after a few hours. However, when I woke up the next morning my face was REALLY swollen! And again the next day. Today is the third morning since I was stung and there is still swelling on my right cheek and under the eye. I was researching online and found that swelling can be anywhere from one day to a week long! The face usually swells more than other parts of the body because it is more sensitive to the venom. The swelling returns at night when you are laying on your side. Last night I propped myself up with pillows so I had my head up higher. That seemed to help. I took some Benadryl and I am using chamomile tea bags to sooth the swelling. And lots of cold compresses! Make sure you check your fences, any metal post that is open on the end is the perfect spot for a nest. My horse had been very spooky in that pasture and now I know why.  I am sure he could probably hear them buzzing around and he stayed as far from that side of the fence that he could. At least we found the nest and have been able to get rid of them. Luckily I didn't have a horse show or clinic this past weekend, I looked very funny!