In Memory of Vanidor

I have been thinking about Vanidor a lot this week. Vanidor was by Conversano Julianna II (Lipizzan) out of a Thoroughbred mare bred and owned by Carolyn Rose. He was one of my training projects when I was on the Aspirant Program at the Isaac Royal Academy of Equestrian Studies. It was his birthday on Aug. 8th so I have been taking a trip down memory lane. Vanidor died from a rectal tear during a vet examination in February of 2008. A horrible, unfair death for any horse. He will always be one of my favorite horses in the world. What I miss the most about Vanidor was his gentle nature. He was easy for anyone to handle and he never invaded your personal space. He had a lovely canter and was developing a really nice piaffe. He loved to perform with my friend Lydia. She would dance on the ground with a veil and we performed together. Vanidor would be thirteen years old this year, in the prime years of his life. Losing him was the most devastating experience that I have had to go through. Remember to cherish every day you have with your horse because you never know when that will be your last. Rest in peace dear Vanidor, you will forever be in my heart.