Clinic with Kim Schisler

I rode Douwe in a clinic with Kim Schisler, an FEI level competitor/trainer from Georgia. Kim was very personable and easy to work with. I really enjoyed my lesson and we worked on advancing Douwe to the next level. She said that Douwe's basics look great, he is really well connected, moving in front of the leg and his topline is correct. At this point he is ready to step up to the next level with some collection and lateral work. We did a little counter canter on some bending lines and haunches-in and counter renvers on the 20 meter circle at the trot. When Douwe had trouble moving away from my leg she would have me walk, ask again to get the response I wanted and then proceed in the trot. Douwe tries to do what I ask but finds it physically difficult to move his haunches and shoulders laterally. He has improved so much this year and his canter is getting much more balanced. I would highly recommend taking a clinic ride with Kim, here is more information about her: