Hurricane Irene did a good job taking down powerlines in Ashford, CT this past weekend. We have been without power since Sunday. Luckily they were able to hook up a generator to get water to the horses. That was the #1 concern over the weekend and Anne Margaret made sure to fill every available bucket before the storm but without the generator there would be a real problem. We are at the Starbucks near UConn using their internet because there is no electricity at the house or in my apartment. We have been driving by enormous trees that are still leaning onto the powerlines, the road crews have cut the trees enough to make a path for cars to go by but they haven't cleared the trees completely yet. They estimate that the power won't be on this week, maybe into next week too! This really makes me appreciate the ease of electricity! I use my computer a lot for my business and it is necessary that I can work online every day. Gotta love technology!