Teake's First Show

This past weekend I rode Teake at his first dressage show. Teake is a former driving stallion from Holland. He was gelded and imported when he was 8 years old to be a riding horse. Teake is 12 now and does well for his owner but they are just starting at Training level. This was their first show together and I rode a few tests to give Teake more experience. We competed at Beland Stables in Massachusetts. The hardest thing with Teake is to keep him relaxed and reaching in his neck. He can be very strong and silly, jumping and leaping around when he feels like it. But he is a lot of fun and he has the ability to really sit on his hind. He focused really well in the Training 3 Test and we ended up with a 62.4% and 2nd in the class. Here is a video of the Training 3 test. Teake would make the perfect Medieval mount, he would enjoy charging into battle that's for sure!httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-4DzzQiJmY