Back in Maine

I moved back home to Maine about a month ago. How time flies! I am actually sitting back in Connecticut this weekend, spending a few days judging and teaching before I go back home. Douwe is settling in very well, he loves his new pasture mates and going out in a big grass pasture every day. I don't have any horse shows or events on the calendar until next year so he is getting a well deserved break. I am riding him but not pushing him hard, working a lot on lateral work at the walk and helping him figure out new movements at an easy pace. Shoulder-in is very difficult for him so I have been riding it towards the wall to help him gain confidence that he can engage and cross his legs!! I have also started riding Rovandio, my mother-in-law's gelding. Rovy is an Andalusian/Lipizzan/TB cross that I have ridden in the past. He is very sweet and moves like an Andalusian, very smooth and sensitive. He is doing really well with piaffe on the ground and under saddle and is also learning Spanish Walk. He has an active mind and loves treats so he is very excited to have some regular work. Here is Rovy out in the pasture.