Equine Affaire ~ Behind the Mask

Every year I go to the Fantasia event at the Equine Affaire and of course I always keep an eye out for anything with Friesians. This year there was a new quadrille group called "Behind the Mask". They were put together by the Friesian Events Assocation and included 6 Friesians and their riders. I met Danielle Barrasso when I judged at her facility, DDPerformance Horses this fall. She was one of the quadrille riders on a lovely gelding named Klaus owned by Scott Thomas. Their costumes were very well done, especially the masks on the horses. It is very difficult to ride in a full mask,  it blocks your peripheral vision, making it harder to see the other riders, especially the horse next to you. The music was very high-energy, making the horses seem even more electric. Some of the movements came out really well like the weave up the centerline and on the figure-eights. I look forward to seeing them perform again in the future!!!