Equine Affaire ~ Guy McLean

Sorry it took me so long to put up this post but I finally found someone on YouTube who got a decent video clip of his performance. I wish I could have gotten his entire routine on my camera but the battery died. This video shows highlights but left out a few of my favorite moments. Oh well! At least i can share with you this amazing cowboy from Australia. I chatted with him on Sunday during the trade show. I asked him what his main reason was to move to the United States and do such a long tour with his horses. I loved his answer, he said that he wanted to find a way to keep his own horses. By performing and becoming a well known clinician he could avoid selling his well trained horses that he has raised and loved. I thought that was an excellent response and it warmed my heart. Please watch the video and check out more information on his website:http://guymcleanusatour.com/ httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPOvbL9XgbI