World Equestrian Games-Jog Day

Today was the start of the WEG and I will be watching the internet closely for videos and articles. I wish I could have gone to see it but I just got married so I guess I have an excuse......I have been going to a great website over the years for all the updates on international horse shows and to read the "what's happenning in the dressage world" articles. That website is: The website operator, Astrid Appels has done a fantastic job updating her site over the years to a pretty amazing, in-depth site. I just watched a little video clip taken at the WEG warm-up ring today and read her journal entry. Another really good dressage website to visit is There is some information about the dressage jog today. All of the American riders passed with flying colors and so did Edward Gal and Totilas. Good luck to the USA Team!