Goals for 2012

Okay, here goes! I spent hours yesterday compiling my long list of goals for the year and thinking how they will contribute to my long-term visions. Goals are really just baby steps towards a bigger dream, stepping stones in our life journey. In addition to short and long-term goals it is also important to know your life purpose. Part of my life purpose is to teach and inspire riders to Begin the Dance with their horse. I want to help riders feel more confident in the saddle, connected to the mind and heart of their horse, and encourage them to express their creativity through musical freestyle. I desire the same for myself, the ultimate connection with my horse and to feel that he is truly the wind beneath my wings. I wish good luck to everyone who is following their dreams and living their life purpose! Let's make 2012 a fantastic year! My Goals for 2012:

  • Perform with Douwe at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts
  • Perform bridleless with Douwe in our "Wings of Isis" routine
  • Qualify for a USDF breed year-end award with Douwe
  • Qualify for the Region 8 Championships with Douwe in Musical Freestyle
  • Earn scores towards my USDF Bronze Freestyle Bar
  • Year-end Award at First Level with Douwe in the Northeast Friesian Horse Club
  • Train Douwe to bow and lay down under saddle