World Equestrian Games-Day One

From what I have found online it seems that the USA is currently in third place. It is so sad what happened to Adelinde Cornelissen. Her horse bit the tip of his tongue in the test, drawing some blood. Anytime a judge sees blood on a horse it is cause for elimination. So she has been taken out of the entire competition! All that work and travel to be ringed out in your first test. I am surprised the rules keep her out for the rest of the competition because her horse's tongue was fine shortly after her test. This reminds me of Courtney King-Dye getting her Olympic medal revoked because her horse had tested positive in the drug testing. However, the substance was not something she had ever used and the amount was so little that literally someone could have just barely touched the horse and it would show up in his system. Oh well, it just makes competition that much more dramatic! Read updates at: &