New Etsy Store, Tips & Tricks I Have Learned

I recently discovered that Etsy has expanded their offerings to shop owners so that artists can also include manufactured products. I wasn't able to list my screenprinted products on Etsy in the past because I did not screenprint them myself. But now Etsy is allowing shop owners to register their manufacturers and my products are allowed! Yay! I love Etsy and enjoy browsing and shopping on their platform.

For those of you who might be thinking of starting an Etsy shop here are a few things I have learned so far:

  • Try to space out your listings to help with Google Searches. Instead of listing 10 products in one day try listing one-two products a day to keep activity going. Recent listings sometimes get extra traffic because they show up in the "Recently Added" category. That can help drive traffic back to your store more consistently.
  •  I have been listening to a podcast called Etsy Conversations and that has been interesting to listen to interviews with Etsy shop owners. Here is the link to their Facebook page:
  • High quality photographs are a MUST! I will probably do some new photoshoots with my products keeping Etsy in mind. It is tricky to display the tee shirts in a photo because the design is too small to see if you can view the entire person but if I zoom in too much you can't see that it is a tee shirt...what a dilemma! haha
  • Etsy integrates really well with Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest and they now have the Pin It button available for all product images on Etsy. I think that is awesome and really helps drive traffic. Check out my Pinterest page... I have over 4,000 followers with popular boards on Costume Inspiration, Dressage, Friesians, and boards for Douwe and Rovandio to name just a few.
  • I haven't made any sales yet but I hear that higher sales attract more sales....duh! So I am contemplating whether or not to try and drive all of my sales through Etsy to collect higher numbers. But I really love the Squarespace interface so I will wait for more feedback from customers to which platform they prefer.
  • Make your product descriptions more like search words rather than cutesy descriptions. So I have adjusted my titles from "Begin the Dance" Organic Cotton Tee Shirt to: Horse Tee Shirt, "Begin the Dance", Equine Design by Sandra Beaulieu, Dressage Tee Shirt. Something like that, it may be long but should come up better in searches.
  • Make sure you are seen on social media and be easy to reach for customers. There is also an Etsy app to run your store from your IPhone but I need to upgrade my phone so I don't have it yet. Hoping to do that soon!

I am interested to hear feedback from all of you shop on Etsy? Do you think it is a good fit for my products? What have you bought from Etsy in the past if anything? Are there any new product ideas you think would work for my designs? Thanks guys!!! I hope to hear from you soon! You can post a comment below or send me an email at: or click here to send me a message on Facebook.