Trip to Spain ~ Coveca Spanish Horses

I recently had the opportunity to test ride Andalusian stallions in Spain with my best friend Anne Margaret Meyers. We were on a search to find the ideal horse for a client, something suitable for the competition arena with a great temperament. One of the facilities that we visited was Coveca near Madrid. Head trainer Eduardo Mellado Murga trained for five years at the Royal Andalusian School of Equitation, in Jerez de la Frontera, under Olympian Ignacio Rambla. This farm has a breeding program that consists of approximately 250 horses! We rode many 5-7 year old stallions, eventually choosing a young black stallion as a possible prospect. These horses were very sensitive and quite reactive to the aids. One interesting little tidbit is that the Spanish riders do not use a mounting block and they dismount very gently by keeping a foot in the stirrup and sliding down. I am used to kicking my feet out of both stirrups and swinging down so the first horse I dismounted got quite upset! Poor guy! Most of these horses would make very good competition horses because they could extend in the trot quite well without any baroque movement like winging in the front legs. They were very powerful and well balanced. It was very cold when we were riding, in the 30's and windy so it was a true test to each horse's ride-ability. Visit their website at: Here is a video of Anne Margaret and I riding some of their stallions. httpv://