Behind the Mask ~ Theatre Equus

I just got home today after a long week at the Horse World Expo in Harrisburg, PA. I had a booth for my SandraB. Designs products. My friend Diane (owner of Woofhoof) came with me to Pennsylvania and we worked together in the booth. This was my first time being a vendor at the Horse World Expo and I lucked out with a good spot and great vendor neighbors. I was able to venture to all the other booths during the day, watch a few demos and talk to the other exhibitors. This was a lovely improvement from the Equine Affaire where I was tied to my booth the entire time and missed the opportunity to wander around. I was particularly excited to watch the Theatre Equus on Friday night. It is similar to Fantasia at the Equine Affaire but not quite as high-profile. I was able to take some video clips of routines that I liked including the "Behind the Mask" Friesian quadrille. I know some of the riders in this group and watched them perform at the Equine Affaire. Here is the video of their performance:httpv://