First "Friesians in Pink" Practice

Douwe and I have joined a new quadrille performance troupe called Friesians in Pink. This group was brought together by the Friesian Events Association, run by Scott and Deb Thomas of Fabled Friesians,  Terri Ray, and Cindi Spear of Black Thunder Friesians. This was our first time going through the new choreography and letting all the different horses get to know one another. Thank you to Jody Cabot for trailering Douwe and I to Massachusetts where we all met at Volo Farm. Douwe was a little nervous on the trailer ride down, spooking at the big trucks going by and not eating much of his hay. Normally Douwe is a wonderful traveller but it was a cool, crisp morning and we left very early for the 4 hour trailer ride. At the practice we had 9 horse and rider combinations! Everyone did a fabulous job riding the routine. We walked it on foot first and then walked it on horseback. Everything went so smoothly that we rode through the routine in the trot and worked on some of the harder elements at the end. Douwe had a lot of energy and was having a good time but he ended up getting hiccups at the end because he was dehydrated. The hiccups went away immediately once he had some water and he was more relaxed after the exercise. I am looking forward to performing with this group, everyone is very positive and friendly. The purpose of the quadrille is to raise money for causes such as breast cancer. The Friesian Events Association has already donated money to people in need amongst the Friesian community and they would like to help many others.