Second "Friesians in Pink" Practice

We had our second quadrille practice for Friesians in Pink at Volo Farm in Westford, MA. We had 9 horse and rider combinations. I wasn't able to bring Douwe to the practice but Scott Thomas was generous to let me ride his World Champion gelding Klaas. It was raining and cold so the horses were a little excited but we walked through the choreography many times so they were able to warm up. This was my second time riding Klaas, he is a lot of fun but a little tense in the beginning. He has a lovely trot and is easy to sit, even when he is really forward. I did a lot of leading in the quadrille with Danielle Barrasso on her stallion Stephen. In this photo I am the 4th rider from the left on Klaas. We added some new moves to the choreography and had a very successful ride! Keep updated on the group and upcoming performances on our Facebook Page. Enter "Friesians in Pink" to find us.