Guenter Seidel &

I recently joined as a member to view their many videos online. I was a temporary member a year ago when I was in Florida, needing some inspiration for my riding. Now, being in Maine I feel the need for more inspiration! I have been watching all of Guenter Seidel's videos...he is one of my favorite riders. Such a strong, elegant position and he really brings out the best in his horses. What I love the most about watching him in his daily training is how well he understands each and every horse he rides. Each one has a completely different personality and physical weaknesses and strengths. He is very quiet in his voice as well, praising the horse but keeping everything contained and calm. He uses transitions constantly, in and out of each gait and also within each gait. He knows where to place the horse's neck to help with specific engagement or back issues and he gives a lot of walk breaks on a long rein to let the horse rest and relax mentally. His horse's health and well being is #1 and then the progress in training comes #2. It was so unfortunate that he was sidelined with a pelvic fracture but luckily he is back in top form, ready for the London Olympics. Here is a fun video of him and Elizabeth Ball doing a pas de deux to Phantom of the Opera. This music holds a special place in my heart from the many years I performed as the Phantom in the Isaac Royal Equestrian Theater. Guenter needed my cape and hat to complete his outfit!! This video was taken years ago but coincidentally the borrowed horse he is riding is now his Olympic hopeful! Funny how life works out isn't it! Enjoy! httpv://