Bitless Bridle Instructor

I have officially been appointed as a Bitless Bridle Instructor! I am able to represent Dr. Cook's bridle and help riders learn the in's and out's of using one for themselves. If the bridle is not adjusted or used correctly it may not be as effective and helpful for horse and rider. I have only been using his bitless bridle for a few months but I have seen dramatic changes in the horses I am riding, especially my Friesian gelding Douwe. I don't even feel that I am riding without a bit and the horses are very happy with it. I have a few bridles that I can show riders in lessons and clinics and allow them to try it out for themselves if they wish. The transition to the bitless isn't difficult, it just gives a slightly different feel to the rider at first with the cross-under rein action, as opposed to a direct contact to the bit. The cross-under action helps with increased bending and poll flexion because it "cradles" the horse with the rein rather then creating resistance to the bit. I do not require that my students ride in a bitless bridle, that is their choice but I am available to help answer questions and give feedback about it. I still ride horses in regular snaffle bits and double bridles but I have a renewed awareness of the actions of each and how to recognize when the horse is comfortable and at ease about his bit. Please contact me if you would like more information to schedule a lesson or clinic at your barn. Please visit Dr. Cook's website to learn more about the bitless bridle or order one for yourself.

Douwe models his bitless bridle.