Commercial for CU Promise

I was hired to act in a commercial for a Maine bank called CU Promise. This commercial helps to promote their "Zero is Bad" campaign. I traveled to the Portland area for the shoot, they had to find a quiet back road for the filming. It was just me, the VP of marketing for CU Promise and the husband/wife duo Liz & Gregg Ferguson (in the photo below) of the production company Current Motion. I had a lot of fun in this shoot, especially doing the reaction shots, pretending that I just ran out of gas. It was hard to hit the mark with my hand into the shot while also reacting with some sort of a noise that didn't sound silly. I burst out laughing a few times and we tried it many ways to get it right. Then they had me pretend I was on the phone acting really frustrated. At this point Gregg said to kick the tire which you will see in the video. That hurt! The sound you hear in the video, that thud is certainly not dubbed in. My toes were sore! haha This commercial aired during the pre-game of the Superbowl so I was able to see it. It was a surprise because I didn't think it was coming out that quickly. It played on local channels all through the winter Olympics. My goal is for Douwe to star in a commercial someday, his Mr. Ed impersonation is getting really good!