WOW! Bridleless Grand Prix Performance by Alizee Froment

"The most valiant thing you can do as an artist is inspire
someone else to be creative."

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I was SO IMPRESSED when I watched this video. I have seen Alizee Froment and her horse Mistral perform bitless, but in this video she also performs the Grand Prix movements BRIDLELESS! One tempi changes on a circle, passage to extended trot and back to passage, extended canter to canter pirouette! The horse stays perfectly balanced and from a distance would look like he has a bridle on. She is an amazing rider and I must say that I am inspired! Enjoy this video and please share because this is the type of riding that needs to be seen. 


 Chinese Horse "Reflection" - Unisex Tank Top

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Created using India Ink and a Bamboo Brush. My artistic goal is to capture the essence of the horse with minimal lines. I try not to plan my artistic designs, I want them to emerge as I experiment and play with my brushstrokes, following my intuition and staying in the zone.