Douwe Performs at Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club Show

Douwe and I traveled to Northampton, MA to perform in the Gala Exhibition at the 2014 Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club Show in July. It was a long trailer ride, about 6 hours, so Douwe was tired when he arrived. We walked in the indoor arena and practiced riding with no hands, preparing for our routine. It was my goal to ride our "Wings of Isis" routine with no bridle like we did at the Elysium Sport Ponies open house in June, 2014. This audience and the coliseum arena were much larger, so I wanted to see how Douwe would react. He was very calm in practice and wanted to drift towards the back end of the arena opposite the in/out gate. I was happy with that because he tends to rush the out gate when he gets nervous. However, when we did our actual routine he changed his mind and wanted to drift towards the out gate.....ahhh! He was well behaved and listened to my steering aids so it wasn't that noticeable. I added the pedestal for our ending to give him confidence when the audience cheered. He certainly enjoyed that because he didn't want to get off! The audience laughed as he spun his haunches around instead, what a goofball!

I saw so many people that I know from the MA and CT area and a big group of my clinic students traveled to the show to cheer us on for the performance. Karen Lendvay captured some beautiful photos of our performance and Elisha Harvey took video for me.

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