Apassionata "Cinema of Dreams" 2017

“Waking dreams are as important, as unpredictable, and as powerful as those we have when we’re asleep.” Luis Buñuel

Apassionata's “Cinema of Dreams“ takes you on a colorful and exciting journey through the film history. The show captures the audience’s imagination right from the beginning: “Fascinating”, “unique”, “absolutely amazing” or “a must for everybody” are just a few comments describing the show.

From the beginning act of "The Cinema Opens", with the entrance of resplendent, feathered ladies in dresses trailing along the arena footing accompanied by lovely white baroque horses performing dressage movements amidst colorful and interesting light patterns, to the awe-inspiring stunt-riding pirates, snow scenes, even mini horses performing tricks and at liberty, through synchronized rearing in pas de duets, all the way to beautiful liberty and bareback routines, enjoy and be amazed and inspired by these clips from the 2017 Apassionata, "Cinema of Dreams":

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