Looking for music for your dressage freestyle? Check out AudioJungle!

I came across this website recently and have spent quite a few hours browsing through their audio library. I LOVE IT! I am always looking for different ways to find freestyle music besides ITunes and Amazon. I found this website easy to use and the quality of the audio files were top notch.


  • The music is copyright free so you can also use it for YouTube videos without having ads displayed.
  • You can search by your horse's Beats Per Minute (under the TEMPO option in the left hand search menu)
  • They have over 150,000 audio files to choose from!
  • They have an amazing list of categories and search options. My personal favorites were Cinematic and Folk/Acoustic but they also have Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Country.
  • They have special sound effects (horse sounds, fairytale effects, horns)  if you want to get creative with your freestyle. They have musical accents that would help emphasize your halt, salute.
  • Most songs are 2-3 minutes long, that should be enough music to match a particular gait in your freestyle.
  • You can save songs that you like in a folder (you have to sign up as a free member first). You just click on the little heart underneath the audio file image. That way you don't have to worry about writing down all the different songs you liked.


  • You have to purchase the audio files. The prices are reasonable though, with my favorites being anywhere between $6-$18 each. Sound effects are $1-$4. 

Click here to visit the AudioJungle website and start browsing their music library!

If you have any questions about AudioJungle or creating a musical freestyle please leave a comment below or email me at beginthedance@gmail.com.