Q & V of the Week: Bareback Dressage on a Friesian, Watch Sandra Ride Gryphon Bareback To Music

"Upon the horse the girl was lost
in a pounding, surging beat
not felt upon her own two feet."

                              - Bethanne Ragaglia

This video was taken quite a few years ago while I was teaching and training in Tallahassee, Florida at Southern Oaks Equestrian Center. I had this lovely Friesian in training named Gryphon. He was pretty comfortable and had a nice wide back for riding bareback. Much easier than my horse Douwe who is very bouncy and has a pronounced wither. I made this short video of us schooling trot, canter transitions and rein-back to music. Enjoy!

Have you tried riding bareback? Do you school your dressage horse bareback? I would love to know! Please leave a comment down below or email me at beginthedance@gmail.com.