Magical Pas de Deux- Two White Andalusians

"Noble Andalusians
bred to be a partner
through centuries of care
generous hearts and brilliant minds
make a lovely dancing pair."

I remember watching this routine from Cavalia years ago in Boston. It was one of my favorites; the images they project onto the background creates such a stunning visual along with the two beautiful horses (and riders!). The music is full of emotion and I love how they weave simple and advanced movements together to create a dance. If you ever have the chance to see Cavalia, or their new show Odysseo, make sure that you do everything you can to see it!!!  


Baroque Horse "Levade" Classical Dressage Painting - Tote Bag 13" x 13"

I am a classical dressage rider as well as an artist. This painting reflects my passion for the baroque style breeds, such as the Andalusian, and dressage training.