Yoga Videos to Improve Your Dressage Position

Most dressage riders, myself included, find it difficult to relax and open the hips to achieve the ideal dressage position. Or maybe you ride a really bouncy horse, like my horse Douwe!, that is challenging you to dig deep and perfect your sitting trot. I have been battling tight hips and old injuries for as long as I can remember. I feel like I could write a book about all the different therapies and exercises I have tried to improve flexibility and relieve the discomfort. I also travel a lot, so sitting in the car and then sitting to work on my computer takes a toll on my lower back and hips. I started practicing yoga last year and have noticed a difference when I stick to it. The past few weeks I challenged myself to practice yoga right before I head over to the barn, with the hopes that I would be as loose and open as possible before I rode. Luckily, I live next door to the stables so I can work this into my schedule. I have noticed a difference and it also helps me focus mentally before I ride since my mind can get a little scattered. I prefer the Vinyasa flow yoga but there are other styles depending on your goals. These three videos are my personal favorites that I have played numerous times. Ekhart Yoga, Yoga with Adriene and Do Yoga With Me are excellent yoga channels that I subscribe to. If you find a really good hip opening, lower back relief yoga video please send me the link so I can try it!

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