Friesian Douwe Loves Acupuncture!

I had an equine chiropractor (who is also an equine vet), Cynthia Reynolds, work on my Friesian gelding, Douwe. He had been feeling uneven at the trot and Cynthia found that his pelvis was out of alignment, causing him lower back pain. I usually have Douwe looked at every 6 months. This time Cynthia also did acupuncture.

Douwe has never had acupuncture and it was very interesting to watch his reaction. He immediately felt very sleepy with his head resting on my shoulder. Then he perked up a little bit and continued to stare straight ahead, his ears forward with this odd look on his face. He was "in the zone" as Cynthia would say. The acupuncture was giving him some pain relief and opening his energy channels. Since that session I have noticed a huge difference in Douwe's attitude and facial expressions. His eyes are brighter and he has a heightened sensitivity and energy level than I have seen in a long time. It has been over a month and I can still see a difference in his personality and affection. I will definitely have Cynthia work on him again when I feel that the effects have worn off.

I have had acupuncture myself multiple times but did not feel a huge difference. For me, I feel the best after being worked on by an osteopath, but everyone is different and some of my friends and family have mentioned how euphoric they feel after having acupuncture. I believe that this alternative therapy is a great fit for Douwe and I am looking forward to his next session with Cynthia.