Dramatic Rare Red Friesian - Dianne Rossi & Fire Magic Dance for the Crowd

"The most tangible of all visible mysteries - fire." -Leigh Hunt

This rare red Friesian stallion, Fire Magic, is athletic and performs in a small arena that creates an intimate space for the audience and performer. The stallion begins the performance with a spinning Spanish walk/paw, pulls out an expressive set of pirouettes, and I love the collected trot steps with alternating Spanish walk, it almost gives the impression of dancing a jig. The final exit is a unique way to end this dramatic routine! Enjoy!

Learn more about Dianne Rossi and her high-school training methods on her website:

 She also has some excellent training manuals for beginner and advanced riders, as well as long-lining if you would like to take your training to the next level:

Red (or Chestnut) Friesians come from a recessive gene. Starting in the 1990s, Friesian colts with the red gene were not allowed to become qualified stallions. The red Friesians that are around today come from a very small gene pool.