Create Your Own First Level Musical Freestyle! Sample Videos of Good Choreography & Music Selection

I spent the last three months working on my first EBook...specifically on the topic of how to create your own First Level musical freestyle. I decided to devote my time to each individual level, creating choreography that the reader can use and offer resources of where the find freestyle music. While I was creating the book I watched a lot of First level freestyle videos on YouTube. Here are some of my favorites and why. Watch these videos to help inspire some ideas for your freestyle. 

Please Note: The freestyle dressage tests have been updated for 2015. The most notable change at First Level is that you may not ride trot circles smaller than 10 meters or canter circles smaller than 15 meters. You were allowed in the past to make them smaller for a higher degree of difficulty but not anymore. 

Video #1: High Degree of Difficulty & Recognizable Music
This is an excellent freestyle demonstrating a high degree of difficulty right from the very beginning. She canters from the beginning halt, shows excellent counter canter, and has an impressive line of three changes of lead through trot that go perfectly with the music. You will recognize the music from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie soundtrack. Even though the music is powerful it still matches the stride and big personality of the pony. Well done!

Video #2: Matching the Music to The Horse's Personality & Good Choreography
This freestyle is an excellent example of picking music that highlights the personality of your horse. They chose upbeat, marching band style music to accentuate the horse's movement. It also gives a more masculine feel to the ride which suits the tall, male rider who does an excellent job during the freestyle. Their choreography is well balanced and creative using the quarterlines for the canterwork.

Video #3: Recognizable Music Suitable To The Breed
There is no question that anyone wouldn't recognize this music...James Bond! Her entrance is also a clever use of vocals from the movie soundtrack. Audience's love it when they can recognize the music, it helps them to connect more with the horse and rider combination. Even though some soundtracks have been over-used that doesn't mean that you shouldn't go for it if you really love the music. And I think James Bond would have chosen a Friesian don't you?

Video #4: Clear Transitions With the Music
In this freestyle you will see a rider that does a really good job matching the transitions of her music. I recognized the walk and canter music and thought that music choices were good, there was an overall theme and the editing was smooth. She shows a higher degree of difficulty in the canterwork, doing the canter lengthenings on a diagonal line and showing some counter canter. 

Video #5: Good Use of Vocals In Music
This freestyle is unique because she uses vocals in all three gaits. I particularly love the trot music "Come Dance With Me" because it is very appropriate for riding a dressage horse. The walk and canter were not as exciting but they were the same singer and style of music as the trot so it all worked together. 

If you would like to watch more videos I have a special First Level Freestyle Playlist on my YouTube Channel. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THAT PLAYLIST.  If you haven't checked out my new EBook please includes all the information you will need to create your own First Level Freestyle. I designed 10 test patterns that you can choose from and just add music! Please feel free to share your First level freestyle or anyone else that you admire. Please leave a comment below or send me an email at Thank you for reading my blog!