It's the Man From Snowy River!

"When your horse follows you without being asked,
when he rubs his head on yours,
and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine...
you know you are loved."

                                                    - John Lyons

Watch Dan James perform with his amazing horses in Fantasia at the 2015 Equine Affaire. Dan James brings back an old favorite of mine, the Man From Snowy River. He takes a sentimental approach in this routine, starting out with his horse, Swampy, and then bringing in the two palominos. My favorite part is at the beginning when he gets Swampy to do flying changes beside him at liberty. That is one of the moves that I am working on with Douwe. We are not there yet but someday I know we will get it. Awesome job Dan, I know that takes a lot of patience and hard work.

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