New Website with SquareSpace

I tend to spend a lot of time working on my websites and get the urge to change it up every now and then. I was recently inspired by my new friend Nicole Snow of Darn Good Yarn on how to integrate my two businesses together. Taking SandraB. Dressage and SandraB. Designs and merging them into one website has been a goal of mine for many years but I was stuck on how to make it work. Nicole helped me to have that "aha" moment when I realized all the profits from my SandraB. products fund my performing and riding ventures. I was able to combine the products and performing together easily after I had the connection. I created the Begin the Dance Project as an outlet to express my creative ideas and added a new Pre-Order section to offer more variety to my customers. I am really happy with how the new website came out and I would recommend SquareSpace to anyone wanting to start their own website.