Q & V of the Week: Watch Royal Vanidor, a Lipizzan/TB gelding perform with a bellydancer in the Isaac Royal Equestrian Theater

Forget your troubles and dance!
                   -Bob Marley

I have fond memories of this routine...it was the first time that I performed with a dancer! My best friend Lydia Rose Spencer is dancing, she is also an amazing dressage rider and equine artist. I am riding Royal Vanidor, a Lipizzan/Thoroughbred cross gelding that was born and raised at Isaac Royal Farm. I started working with him as a weanling and brought him up through the levels to PSG before he died in 2008 due to a tragic vet error. It was devastating but at least I have some wonderful memories of the times we performed together. RIP sweet Vanidor, maybe someday we will dance together again!

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