Q & V of the Week: Juan Manuel & Fuego, an Andalusian stallion, charm the audience at the World Equestrian Games!

Noble Andalusians
Bred to be a partner
through centuries of care
generous hearts and brilliant minds
make a lovely dancing pair

- Bethanne Ragaglia

Last week the theme was Friesians, this week...Andalusians! Here is a really fun freestyle from the World Equestrian Games back in 2010. This gorgeous Andalusian stallion Fuego won over the hearts of the audience and became the crowd favorite. The horse is very electric in his piaffe/passage and has a lovely extended trot. I love the Spanish music and Juan rides with a soft rein and relaxed seat. The canter pirouettes go really well to the music and he successfully did his one-tempis with one hand up the centerline! Enjoy!

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