Video of Douwe doing stretchy trot & rein-back BRIDLELESS!

I just wanted to share this short video clip I did last night for Instagram. I was schooling Douwe bridleless and he was really relaxed and consistently doing a very nice stretchy trot. I judge a lot of schooling shows and it is hard to find a good stretchy trot...even with the bridle! Douwe prefers to work without a bridle because he doesn't like pressure. I have been doing more dressage work with him lately and I wanted to give him a fun day of all bridleless work. We played on the pedestal and even did some flying changes without the bridle as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he is relaxed at the Equine Affaire so that I might possibly try bridleless but that is just a hope. Most likely he will be tense with the audience, he may not look tense in the videos but the loud noises really bother him so I am hoping that over time he will understand that the audience is a positive thing and the clapping is for him!