Sandra Beaulieu performs with Friesian and Veil Dancer at 2011 NEDA Symposium

Douwe and I performed with my dancer friend, Lydia Rose Spencer, at the New England Dressage Association's Fall Symposium. The symposium was held at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME. This was Douwe's first time performing with Lydia in the "Veil Dance" routine. When we entered the indoor arena, I could feel him tense, though he still performed well, I didn't feel confident asking him for Spanish walk and I didn't ride hands-free. It isn't noticeable in the video, other than he looks rather animated. The next day we performed our "Wings of Isis" routine, and I schooled him in the arena before-hand. He was much more relaxed around the audience, and received plenty of treats and praises!