Falcyyr TV Series - Now Available on Vimeo!

Actress Sinari Diliiza rides Douwe as Sandra cues him for the rear.

Actress Sinari Diliiza rides Douwe as Sandra cues him for the rear.

For the past two years I have been involved with a film project called Falcyyr, which is directed by Ahura Diliiza. I play Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, and Douwe is the special steed for the main actress Sinai Diliiza.

My character, Artemis, teaches the Falcyyr how to ride a horse in Episode #6, click here to watch. Both Douwe and Rovandio are used for this scene. It was fun to utilize my teaching skills and the horses behaved very well for the different actresses. 

You will also see the herd of horses from Isaac Royal Farm where the scenes were filmed. Many of the horses are Lipizzan or Andalusian crosses.

You can watch each separate episode of Falcyyr for $1 on Vimeo. You can also rent them all for $8 or download them for $12.

Check out Maine Today's article with Douwe as the featured photo:
Women rule in Maine-made fantasy ‘Falcyyr’

Falcyyr Film Update - See Sandra, Douwe, and Rovandio in the trailer video!

It has been over a year since we did our last filming days for Falcyyr. This past year (2015) was spent editing the massive amounts of footage that director Ahura Z. Diliiza and his crew took. He has decided to create a tv series instead of a movie so that he can start showing the footage he already has. I have seen pieces of the first episode and the scenes with the horses look fantastic! You can see short snippets of us in this trailer video. I will have more updates soon! Please like the Falcyyr Facebook page to stay updated and show your support. Thanks!

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