Jerez - 2018 Warlander For Sale at Little River Friesians

Jerez is a Warlander yearling by approved Friesian stallion Wander 352 and registered IALHA Andalusian mare Celina. As you can see in the video he is curious and confident. The video clips from the round pen were the first time he had seen a tarp, a pedestal, and played with the ball. He has a rhythmic, balanced canter and shows potential for jumping. We have seen him jump free-standing bushes out in his paddock and he loves it!

Jerez could make an excellent dressage horse, jumper, eventer, or fox hunter. He is very tall and growing quickly. He will certainly be over 16 hands and be grey out as he gets older. Right now he has a reddish brown mane/tail because of the sun but it is actually dark grey. Jerez was recently gelded and is currently turned out with other geldings. He is handled daily, leads from the golf cart, gets bathed regularly, and is quite brave. He is used to tractors and loud noises from the barn equipment. Contact Sandra for more information.

Sandra Beaulieu is the new Head Trainer at Little River Friesians

Sandra shown here on Co Fan S - world champion friesian gelding

Sandra shown here on Co Fan S - world champion friesian gelding

Sandra has been selected as the new head trainer at Little River Friesians located in Havana, Florida.

“Little River Friesians is dedicated to producing high quality Friesian horses which both strengthen the breed as well as provide the public with the best available options on the market today. In order to achieve this, we have based our breeding program on a small number of Model, Preferent, and Ster mares and focus on quality over quantity. The end result is to produce horses who have the pedigree, conformation, athleticism and trainability to excel in a wide variety of disciplines.” - quote from the LRF Facebook page

Sandra trains each horse in classical dressage and select horses for liberty work. She trains the horse as an individual, helping to develop each one based on their strengths and personality type.

“I have always loved the baroque breeds, Friesians and Andalusians in particular. Being at Little River Friesians is a dream come true for me, I love being surrounded by horses that inspire me every day.” -Sandra

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