Sandra Beaulieu - Product Review - Genesis Organic Grain

I started feeding my horse Douwe an organic grain because of all the warnings I have heard about commercial horse grains and genetically modified corn. When I was at the Equine Affaire I met Liz Norfleet who was a distributor for Genesis Organic Grain made in Canada. She gave me information and samples to take home with me. I was very excited because I had not found an organic horse grain on the market. I am very happy to say that the tack store closest to me, Katahdin Trail Saddlery, is now carrying this grain at their location in Newport, ME. You can contact them at 207-368-5599 to order.

Reasons to go organic:

(taken from the Triple N Equine website)

  • WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION...       Foods in their natural form are the richest source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, phyto- nutrients, 'live' enzymes, 'good' bacteria, and antioxidants.


  • 100% USDACERTIFIED ORGANIC...     A rigorous approach to quality... GENESIS is free of toxic chemicals that are proven to cause harm to animals.  Consistent... No hidden ingredients - critical to a horse's fragile digestive system.


  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT... FEED LESS GRAIN...Est. Digestible Energy is 3200 kcal/kg vs conventional at approx. 2400 kcal/kg.  So higher calorie count, less grain!


  • NUTRIENT DENSE... FEED LESS GRAIN...Whole food is more nutrient rich than processed food.  There is much better absorption of nutrients as there are no fillers or chemicals.   There is an increased therapeutic effect from much smaller quantities of nutrients in whole food nutrition vs. processed foods.


  • HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS...The highest-quality ingredients available...WHOLE OATS (low lignin for easier digestibility), BARLEY, PEAS, FLAX SEED & FLAX MEAL.   The perfect balance of high-quality carbs, protein & fat.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX for Healthy Blood Sugar
  • STAGED RELEASE OF ENERGY for longer duration.  Oats, Barley, Peas...high-quality carbs, different rates of digestion.  All contain resistant starch which acts very much like a fiber and helps maintain healthy blood sugar.


  • SYNERGY...There is a synergy between the substances found in whole foods that provide a dynamic physiological response!


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