Find the RIGHT Photographer for a Fantasy Photo Shoot with your Horse - Download the Resource Guide

It can be challenging to find a photographer that understands horses and also has a creative spirit. I created this resource guide to help you find a creative photographer near you. This guide will be updated regularly, just check back periodically for a fresh download. It includes multiple pages with photographers from the USA, Europe, UK, and Australia. If you are a photographer and would like to be added to the guide please email me at 

The image below is just a screenshot of the guide, please CLICK on it to go to the actual .PDF where you can download it for your own use or click on the links to learn more about the photographers.

Are you dreaming of a Fantasy Photo Shoot?

I have had many people ask questions about the photo shoots I have done with my horses.
I decided to pull together all my experience and resources to share with my friends and fans.
I am still in the writing process but you can download the first chapter for free to get started.

Fantasy Photo Shoots Free Chapter Download.png

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